Birthday parties

Feel like hosting a SandArt party at your home...

Rates apply: Party 1= Monday - Thursday parties

Party 2 = Friday or Saturday or Sunday parties

This comprises of a SandArt trained representative coming to your home. I/ She is equipped with tables, lots of  different coloured sand, postcards, lifters  - all to complete your party entertainment. Children take their creations home in a laminate pouch. Up to 15 children.

**Including a SandArt Gift for birthday child.

Party period is 1-2 hours, depending on the number of cards required.

We tidy up our table - no mess, no fuss and no glue!

There is a large variety of  postcards to suit all ages and party themes.

email: for party quotations. ( or click on Contact us at the bottom of this page)

Basic costs + * transport, depending on the area. Within an area of 10km radius from your Distributor - no charge!

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