These kits are great for parties and events. They provide you with everything you need to create, make and admire your art and craft skills with these easy to use products!

Already have your own Home kit? We sell supplimentary supplies and any SandArt items to enhance your next SandArt function. 

HOME KITS – Party kit

This is a large pack. The contents come in a handy storage box, ready to use for those fun activities:  

Birthday parties, play dates, rainy days, fund raisers/ aftercare and holiday programs

A Home kit consists of:

12 bottles of sand (145gm)        4 greeting card sets

14 postcards cards                       2 bookmarks 

2 fridge magnets                           12 trays + 12 lifters + 1 funnel

   Step by step instructions

** The kits can also be customized to suit any theme –    there are over 130 postcards to choose from.

** There is enough sand to make 300 postcards!     ** Extra postcards, bookmarks & fridge magnets may be purchased separately.

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