We bring our table to your home and set up. The children choose a card/ bookmark and then proceed around the table to complete their cards; peeling off the layers, revealing a sticky underside. They add the colourful sand to different parts of the card. A card is complete when the whole card is covered with sand.

Parties are super fun, interactive, immersive and loved by so many.

As part of our service, the Party-Entertainer cleans up the SandArt workspace afterwards so you don't have to!

We provide everything needed to have a creative time with SandArt; children get to choose their own designs from our super range of postcards.

Bookings are currently avaliable in the following regions;

  • Kapiti

  • Wellington

  • If we are not in your area, purchase the Home (Party ) Kit , it has everything you need for the SandArt party!

Please connect with us to ensure your date is booked and secure.

Pricing is determined relative to the numbers attending and possible travel costs.
A deposit is required to secure your date and time of the function.

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