CP13 - Christmas Snowmen Celebrating the Season

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SandART NZ - Christmas Cards, Christmas Tree, Postcards
SandART NZ - Christmas Cards,  Postcards, Snowmen dancing, snowman

Explore the potential:
Create your colour combinations to personalise this cheerful card to your style, using our fabulous SandArt sands.

Product Description: Single packaged postcard, with easy peel sections.
Product Design: Snowmen celebrating Christmas

Image Summary:
Image 1: Product design - accentuated in plain black for clarity.
Image 2: What your card looks like out of the packet.
Image 3: Sample of completed product. This is a sample work from one of our young, creative SandArt crafters. Imagine personalising this card with your own colour choices and preferences!

Recommended Combo:
It is recommended that you combine cards in sets of 5, so you can create multiple cards in quick succession, for all your friends, and family forĀ the Christmas Season.

Please note: SandArt sands are not included with card purchase and must be purchased independently.
All designs are copyrighted to SandArtĀ and are not to be reproduced without express written permission of the copyright holder.

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