Fundraising for schools

SandArt setup with trays


Sand art is such a fun and creative activity for children and a proven way to make a bit of money in the process. SandArt has been entertaining children at markets, fundraisers, events, birthday parties and many more occasions, for over 5 years and is both popular and successful. It is a superb way of bringing art to the little ones (And no queues or waiting time, like face painting!)

At a fundraiser, tables with trays and sand are required, generally with a teacher/ parents supervising (money & demonstrating/ helping children)

Children buy a card/ bookmark/ fridge magnet, peel of parts of the 'sticky' card and then add various colours of 'sand'. Children proudly take the cards, in our plastic bags for protection, home.

The activity takes a child about 15-20 minutes to complete a card; depending on independence, co-ordination, decision making and dexterity of hand-eye.

Children from ages 5+ can do this activity without parental supervision.

The activity has proven very popular at events and keeps children occupied while adults do their shopping. SandArt is suitable for indoors mainly, as the sand clogs up in damp or rainy weather and blows in children’s eyes, when it is windy! Can be done under a gazebo too.

It has great educational value:

  • Fun Art / crafty and creative activity
  • Basic and more complicated designs to suite all ages and abilities
  • Aids and exercises Hand eye coordination  fine motor skills
  • Works on logical thought & concentration.
  • Self esteem is exercised & improved and it instils pride in the end result!

SandArt has been tested for safety and is a trusted non-toxic product: It comes with its own BS EN 71-1, 2, 3 and AS/NZs ISO -8124 safety standard (with appropriate warnings). Age suitability from 4 years (with Adult supervision).

[Unused cards & sand can be stored and re-used the next year, it will last for up to 2 years.]

Profit margins range from $100- $300 per ½ day function; depending on the number of students.

Company credentials:

I have successfully run SandArt in NZ for 5 years now.

I am a registered teacher and use SandArt in my teaching, on a daily/ weekly basis.

SandArt has to date, attended ± 150 markets, so I have a good idea of what sells & what works for children ;-). We also do birthday parties, special events at companies or private functions.

We hold sufficient stock for small ( 1 -150 items) or large functions (1 - 300).

Delivery times are good, 3-7 days after purchase (North Island) and 3-10 days (South Island)

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