SandART NZ - After Care Information

Towards the end of 2017 we shall be rolling out our After Care Series for Holiday Programmes & After School Care Providers.

SandArt's great benefits include:

  • Easy clean-up,
  • Well made SandArt items mean that when you peel off a section, ONLY THAT section comes off neatly,
  • No mess, No fuss, No glue,  which means children get instant results and
  • No waiting for glue to dry!
  • Fine sand sticks very well and doesn't come off!
  • Our items come in a handy plastic sleeve, so the artwork is preserved on the way home.
  • Our various themes, Wildlife, Nature, Sea, Transporters, People, Fantasy & Messages - means SandArt can be done multiple times during the year; adding variety and choice to the activity.

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