About Us

I have worked with children for almost 30 years, teaching at both Primary and College level, here and abroad. I have a good understanding of what children really enjoy. I'm also a mum of 2 boys (now young men) and I have seen the importance of creative activities in their lives. In my experience, children love being creative and need to succeed in crafting new things. The SandArt products are easy to use and children really enjoy the activity, especially with a colourful picture as a keepsake or as a gift to those that are dear to them. So easy to use, in fact, that it can be attempted by EVERYONE!

The product is designed and manufactured in South Africa. On a visit to Cape Town, I saw the activity once more, at a school gala where children were participating in crafting the SandArt cards. In many instances, coming back for more!  I thought SandArt would be a fantastic craft to bring to the children in New Zealand.

The SandArt story started when Henry took his son to the beach to spend some quality time together. Playing with the beach sand, Henry came up with a fantastic idea of using different coloured sand to produce pictures.  He spent some time perfecting the 'art'.  In 2007 SandArt was born....now it's a safe, tried and tested recipe for making cards and bookmarks using  'colourful sands' and quality pre-cut designs. Over the last decade it has become very popular  -  with many designs and a variety of products and is gaining acceptance  ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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